QWAG would like to thank the Mayor of London Boris Johnson for choosing the 3 Rivers Clean-up when he decided to promote volunteering by doing it himself.

The Mayor in action

The Mayor in action

As was proved when he stepped into a deep hollow in the River Pool, it was a high-risk strategy for the Mayor to choose rivers as the place he would volunteer. (You can watch him in action in the video below.) But doing so highlighted one of London’s greatest assets or potential assets – its rivers and streams. By choosing one of the restored rivers of South East London Boris put a spotlight on what so many of London’s rivers could do – bring wildlife, education, amenity and beauty into the fabric of our urban environment.

The 3 Rivers Clean-up is a partnership project – see 3 Rivers Clean-up and QWAG led clean-ups – that was initiated and has been chaired by QWAG. We would like to thank Thames21 for organsising the volunteer event for the Greater London Authority which allowed Boris Johnson to highlight volunteering and London’s rivers.

Visit the BBC News website for the full story.

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