River Talk – A Quaggy tale for World Rivers Day 2015

by John D Roberts, Torridon Writers Group

In River Talk, the Quaggy and Ravensbourne rivers talk to each other as they race from source to sea.

‘It’s a duologue inspired by the book, Rivers of London’, John told QWAG.

In Ben Aaronovitch’s mystical urban tale, chosen for CityRead 2015, a police officer turned wizard solves murders while making peace between the spirits of the Thames and some of its tributaries – the Fleet, the Lea, the Brent and the Tyburn.’

‘The rivers have spirits in physical form. But why should the Quaggy and the Ravensbourne be left out?’ asks John who wrote River Talk in response.

John performed River Talk at the Deptford Lounge CityRead event on 30 April 2015. QWAG also spoke about the importance of restoring the natural quality of our urban rivers.

QWAG thanks John for granting permission to use his work to mark World Rivers Day 2015.

River Talk

City Reads - River Talk

City Reads – River Talk

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