The government is consulting on its Nature Recovery Green Paper.  Boroughs will also soon start to help prepare Local Nature Recovery  Strategies.

Ahead of the global biodiversity summit (COP15) in spring 2022 the  government is consulting on how to restore nature in the UK. Later in  2022, councils will also start drawing up Local Nature Recovery  Strategies (LNRS) which will form the backbone of the government’s  Nature Recovery Network (NRN) in England.

LNRS’s are required under the government’s new ‘landmark’ Environment
Act as part of its aim to reverse nature’s decline.

This timely meeting will help attendees get up to speed with the  government’s Green Paper and will introduce what LNRS’s are, what they  should cover and how to they can be involved before the process starts  in earnest.

Because nature transcends borough boundaries, not least rivers and  migratory species, QWAG is inviting Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham  councils to join the meeting.

This is an early chance to understand both the government’s wider plans  and how local councils are preparing for LNRSs, how they will cooperate,  how they will involve residents, and what extra support and expertise is  needed to ensure LNRS are not just lines on maps.

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