FREE EVENTS in Jan, Feb and March 2024 for residents in the Horn Park, Mottingham Lane, Dutch House area.
You may know the River Quaggy flows nearby, but how much do you really know about the river, its condition, wildlife, and how it can be improved?
A new local project aims to make more of the river as a local asset.
  • Do you ever cross over the Sidcup Bypass from the Dutch House for exercise or to walk your dog(s) in the Great Meadow and Harmony Woods?
  • Perhaps you would like to explore more of the area away from the busy local roads, perhaps beside the river?
  • Have you seen or helped with improvements to the grassy bank along Mottingham Lane?
  • You may have views about the local litter and fly-tipping including on the banks of the River Quaggy along Mottingham Lane.


For more on the idea and ways you can be involved see Thames 21’s


Get involved – FREE events on Tuesdays + Thursdays
The FREE events you can join in January, February and March are on:
January: – Thursday 11th – Tuesday 16th – Thursday 25th – Tuesday 30th
February: – Thursday 8th – Tuesday 13th – Thursday 22nd – Tuesday 27th
March: – Thursday 7th – Tuesday 12th – Thursday 21st – Tuesday 26th
Click on any of the dates for more information and how to book.
All kit is provided so you’ll be properly equipped.
Some activity is in the river, some is on the riverbanks. You don’t have to be in the river unless you want to be.
Examples of activities you can help with will include:
  1. Letting more light into the river – opening the river up to more light by reducing over-shading from some of the vegetation on the riverbanks.
  2. Reducing erosion of the riverbanks – putting in deflectors so that the river’s flow does not undermine the river’s own banks.
  3. Improving the river as a habitat for wildlife – for example, using woody materials left over from activity 1 above we will make ‘brash berms’ to narrow the river channel in some places and create more riverbank habitat.
For more on the idea and ways you can be involved see Thames 21’s
Where: we’ll be on the banks of the River Quaggy which we’ll access from the grounds of Capel Manor College, who are helping with the project.
Meet: Meet in the car park / green space area (SE12 9AW) – you should see a Thames21 van.
When: Sessions run from 9am to 3pm and you can join for all or part of this time.
Kit: Click on any of the dates above to see what to wear and bring, and what kit is provided.
As well as helping to improve the condition of the river, you’ll also find out more about the river’s water quality, its role in flood protection, and as a home for fish and other wildlife.
Overall, you will know how the project aim to improve the river will help improve the local area.
The project aims to help residents to:
  • Know how the river and corridor can be improved along the stretch from Jevington Way / Westdean Avenue / Winn Road / Mottingham Lane to the A20 and Great Meadow.
  • Help restore the river as a local natural asset – cleaner, with more wildlife, and better able to help with reducing flood risk.
For more about the Quaggy Links project see:

Make a splash without getting wet!