Sadly, this autumn has seen the departure of Chris McGaw, who has managed the Lewisham Rivers and People project since its inception two and a half years ago. In that time, Chris has led umpteen walks all over Lewisham and shown us many features of the natural world that we never knew existed in our urban surroundings.

Chris devoted a great deal of time to habitat improvement along the Quaggy, including many sessions at Chinbrook Meadows. He led dawn chorus walks which required him to leave his Kent home often at 3.30am to meet groups at Sydenham or Hilly Fields. During such walks Chris would demonstrate his extraordinary skill of birdsong identification, aided by stalwarts such at Terry, Keith, Mick and the two Toms, such walks were very informative.

QWAG worked with Chris on numerous occasions, especially during the 3RiversCleanUp and on various wades up our side of the catchment. In his new job at the Kench Hill Centre near Tenterden, Chris will be helping inner city school children learn more about the natural world. He will be very much missed in Lewisham.

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