QWAG’s 4 films tell the story of the Quaggy

QWAG has made 4 unique films showing what it’s like to walk through the Quaggy.

The films capture where the river has been improved and where it still needs help.

In film 1 we walk underground, beneath the vast Police station and cross to the Clock Tower in the High Street before appearing behind Nando’s on the Lee High Road.
We reach Manor Park where the Quaggy flows reasonably naturally.

Film 3 is particularly revealing as we walk through the underground culvert at Sutcliffe Park and reveal that the flood alleviation scheme is not designed as we were led to believe.

See the 4 films
Film 1: Central Lewisham, under the Police station, to Manor Park
Film 2: Manor Park to Sutcliffe Park
Film 3: Through the Sutcliffe Park culvert to Mottingham Farm
Film 4: Mottingham via Chinbrook Meadows to Sundridge Park golf course

Make a splash without getting wet!