Wet launch for Quaggy Action (11th July 2009)

Wet launch for Quaggy Action (11th July 2009)

QWAG chose Lewisham People’s Day to launch the Summer 2009 edition of its annual newsletter Quaggy Action. Although both our location and the weather were less than ideal a steady stream of visitors talked with us and browsed our displays.

Three of the main stories in the newsletter were reflected in the displays:

The history of Operation Kingfisher, recognised earlier this year in the prestigious BURA Award for Community Inspired Regeneration.

The launch of the London Rivers Action Plan, which starred Quaggy-based projects, and a map-based summary of completed, in progress and potential projects in the local area.

QWAG’s crucial role in the planning and execution of the successful 3 Rivers Clean-up.

QWAG at Lewisham People's Day 2009

QWAG at Lewisham People’s Day 2009

Make a splash without getting wet!